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The Garden


Over 100 orange trees were removed to accommodate the unique design and building of The Secret Garden. From the ground up the rule of "green" thumb was adhered to: It must bloom!


Lush Lawns

The urge to take off your shoes and run through the grass barefoot is hard to resist. It is lush, cool and green. Yet it must withstand the use of 100's of people in one day. An elaborate irrigation system was built into the garden with that in mind. Our grounds maintain their verdant appeal thanks to the skills of David Arredondo of Professional Landscape Services in Lindsay.

The Flowerbeds


The everchanging flowerbeds of The Secret Garden are beautiful to behold. Annuals, perennials, roses, hedges, daisies and lilies all have their "day in the sun" and share space with whimsical fairies and statues. In the spring orange blossoms scent the air from the nine remaining orange trees and in the summer the fruit itself polka dots the landscape with orange color.


Pond & Waterfall

The eye is drawn to the waterfall-fed pond adjacent to the Gazebo. Its soothing sound underscores the ceremony proceedings and is augmented later in the day when the frogs begin their throaty serenades. This is a favorite spot for newlyweds to place their Love Stones among the flowers and whimsical garden sculptures.

Lady with Urn


You're never far from the soothing sound of water at The Secret Garden. The Lady with Urn fountain resides over a raised planter with seasonal spendor from tulips in the spring to splashes of petunias and purple salvia in the summer.