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Master of Ceremonies Johnnie Maya has been performing The Love Story Introduction to a newlywed couple's First Dance for decades. Conceived in 1989 by close friend and DJ Mark Ferrell, (for whose wedding Johnnie was the Best Man)  and now part of the Marbecca Method being taught internationally, Johnnie has brought it to the central valley for  couples getting married at The Secret Garden. And it never fails to win over audiences and move them to laughter and tears of joy. It puts into sharp focus the uniqueness of this celebration. On a day when literally thousands of people are getting married somewhere in the world - your wedding here at The Secret Garden will be like no other, ever before or ever again! (Download Excerpts from real Love Stories here. or see video of an actual Love Story Love Story of Joshua & Ashlee Dieterle)


The Love Story is how you met, your first impressions of each other, the most memorable dates, the very moment you knew "this was the one for you," and the proposal, even the little things about the other that drive you crazy. It winds up with a peek into the future and where you see yourselves in 20 years. It's all this and more in your own words which you have supplied by answering a few key questions without comparing the answers.


The Love Story  is creatively written, fully produced with music and sound effects and then narrated "live" by Johnnie as you sit in front of your guests and ride the roller coaster of emotions it will elicit.


There will be surprises and even moments of powerful tenderness that will move everyone as they hear how you described your deepest feelings for each other.

And when it's over, your audience will erupt with applause as they welcome you to the dancefloor for your very first dance as new husband and wife!