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I'm from Los Angeles and have been in the entertainment business for most of my life. I came to The Secret Garden in the summer of 2010. In the four years since I have been able to create an entirely new experience for the Wedding Day here in The Secret Garden. I have done this with over 30yrs experience as a Master of Ceremonies, DJ and Videographer/Producer in Southern California. Beyond a rental venue with tables, chairs, fountains and flowers, I have focused on one thing, Love. The celebration of it. People have told me that they can "feel" it here in The Secret Garden and that makes all the dedication and hard work that goes into producing a one of a kind wedding experience worth it.
I believe the Wedding Day is THE most important day in a couple's life. Every couple deserves the very best possible beginning to their life together. So we give that to them with a location of unequaled beauty and very special touches far beyond what the typical rental venue can offer. (See Love Story and Love Stone) We call it the Wedding Experience. It's the feeling you and your family and guests will take away and remember when recalling your Wedding Day here with us. You should store that feeling in a special place in your hearts. And re visit it often as time passes and your marriage grows so it may renew itself year after year, just like The Secret Garden does. It will be our honor to get you started on that wonderful journey.